Wildlife watcher saves life of bear cub

Two weeks ago I wrote a column about leaving young wildlife alone. Better than 95 percent of the time, this is the correct thing to do. However, there are rare times ...

Racers hope rain holds off

Rain washed out all the activities at Elkins Raceway last week. We had the John 3:16 Mud Bus all ready to race and hauled it up to the Mountain ...


Perhaps we should worry about a West Virginia “government shutdown” more frequently. Concern over the potential for one this year may spawn one of the most ...


With the clock ticking on a new budget for West Virginia government — the new fiscal year begins July 1 — House of Delegates members have a ...

Council was painted into corner

Imagine being a Wheeling City Council member explaining to the public why your vote cost the area 1,500 jobs. That gives you some idea of why the vote for a ...

The rules were broken

Trump only can blame himself

Actor Roger Moore passed away Tuesday at the age of 89. How would you rank Moore in the role as James Bond?

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