Old Brick offers Studi-oli-o

Many parents spend the summer listening to their lovable teenager repeat a resounding mantra: “I’m bored.” The Old Brick Playhouse, for the 23rd season, is offering Studi-oli-o, an advanced acting class for teens and pre-college students, this summer.

Studi-oli-o is a weeklong summer day camp of workshops aimed to provide participants with a jolly sampling of some various forms of theatrical performance. From self-composed monologues to Broadway musical dance numbers, the workshops prompt students to think creatively and translate that energy into something tangible and worthwhile.

“Studi-oli-o is my favorite week at Old Brick. It is the best theatre training that you can get in a brief amount of time while having a blast,” said Old Brick Apprentice Alumni John Prentice.

“It’s a comfortable outlet for creativity and a chance to hang out with some amazing other young people,” said Phil Smith, OBP Assistant Director.

Studi-oli-o meets each morning for a week and culminates in a lunchbox showcase open to the


“We are simply amazed by the performances that come from Studii-oli-o workshops” said OBP Executive Director Missy Arementrout McCollam. “The one-on-one coaching that we do, really makes a difference in a just a week. “

Each year Studi-oli-o has a theme that all performance pieces center around. Last year the theme was the Wizard of Oz and students performed a show tune from “Wicked,” made T-shirts, composed their own monologues, and participated in many other theme-related activities.

This year Studi-oli-o begins on June 16 and runs through June 20 with a showcase on Friday at noon. For more information about Studi-oli-o or any other Old Brick day camps, phone The Old Brick Playhouse at 304-637-9090.