Seek the true meaning of Christmas

ELKINS — As the calendar turns to December, holiday preparations have found us. And, there remains an important phrase we often hear during these weeks: “Wise men still seek Him.”

It reminds me of an after-school activity I had in third grade where my teacher stayed late and let me cut out the wise men from an old Christmas card to tape on the chalk board for seasonal decorating. I had to use colored chalk to draw the manger and I had to place a big star in the sky. I was very much aware of the importance of this scene. These men were on their way to find the Savior of the world.

As an adult, I have looked around West Virginia for several years, taking photos of things that depict the Christmas season. I have determined that the true signs of Christmas are all around us if we look for them.

I would suggest that this holiday time be a search, as such, for the true meaning of Christmas — that the presents, the partying, the eating and the glitz be set aside, somewhat, so we can see the eyes of Jesus filled with love for others lying innocently in the crib and crying for the world to calm down and understand how much we need one another.

Take a walk during this season and make a new friend or two. As you survey the sights, begin to focus on what is important about this time of year.

It is the choirs that extol Christ’s majesty. It is the lights that provide more illumination for us to see the truth. It comes in carolers who visit neighbors and sing.bIt is the bands marching by us in parades saluting the Lord’s presence. It is a mother preparing a special family meal so siblings can be reacquainted and remember childhood stories that reflect the happy bonds between them.

Be aware of Christmas’ beauty and seek this child and His message. To paraphrase the Holy Bible, “It has come to pass that in the City of David there is born a child” whose message has changed the world. “We are to love one another and do to others as we would want them to do to us,” the holy book continues. And, no matter how much we have practiced this in the past, we can always do better. And, we must.

For God certainly wanted this teacher to convince the world of important ideas, and we are expected not only to be the receptive vessels, but be His missionaries and visionaries, too. These tasks did not end with the Bible’s conclusion.

Grab hold of the Christmas Spirit that surrounds us and lift up your eyes unto the stars. Perhaps, one of God’s angels will visit you and remind you, “You are a child of God, too.”