Summer Bouquet

Flower gardens decorate Central West Virginia

The Inter-Mountain photos by Shannon Bennett Campbell Buckhannon boasts clusters of flowers along its main street fences.

ELKINS — Most will admit that their usual outdoor activities have been disrupted for the past three months by weather patterns that have offered us almost no relief. From bitter cold and snow into April to fighting frequent flood down pours and sky-high temperatures into early July, our routines have been impeded and rearranged again and again.

I recently found myself feeling sorry for those who love the outdoors. Those who annually engage in spring gobbler hunting, hiking, picnicking, running and spending time at the pool have had limited opportunities. Chances for outdoor engagements have confined themselves to a lucky few hours to get lawns mowed before another storm dampens plans.

As I was lamenting this situation during some recent travels, a beautiful sight appeared. I began to realize there were some uplifting views to see amid all this weather’s limitations if I would only focus on them.

Because of a large number of people who took time to set out summer flowers and shrubs, their blooming does brighten these trying times. Our city governments have placed numbers of planters along their streets. Memorials stand decorated, church yards are flower-filled, and our homeowners, too, have produced attractive displays. These colorful plots provide a great deal of pleasure if we will notice them.

Amid the weather’s unpredictability, it is fortunate to have caring residents and town leaders who value these improvement projects. To show appreciation for their efforts, I took time to capture some of their handiwork and provide some scenes that can be enjoyed by Central West Virginia residents.

Elkins’ All-Veterans Memorial is a striking tribute to our soldiers with each flower perfectly placed.

Glimpses of these flower gardens can bring some comfort and joy when temperatures keep us huddled in front of fans, and umbrellas become our constant companions. West Virginia’s recreational opportunities still await us, but for now we will have to depend upon our scenic wonders to brighten our days. Appreciation is extended to all who made these pictures possible.

Buckhannon has dressed its lamp posts with a patriotic theme.

Daylilies surround Davis Avenue’s Darden House and sit beside Elkins City Hall.

Lamp posts throughout downtown Elkins hold baskets full of flowered bouquets.