Average people can make a difference

So few of us in this world are extraordinary. Most of us are just average. Most of us will not leave a mark like those in the “extraordinary” category. People like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Shakespeare, Louis Pasteur, Alexander Graham Bell, Florence Nightingale, Denzel Washington, Hank Aaron, Steve Jobs.

When you read those names, you know immediately who they were or are and what they did. So few of them … most of us are just average. We haven’t done anything outstanding, anything that will change the course of history or the future of mankind. We just do daily, ordinary things.

Which means, for the most part, this is just an average world we live in. Which means that average does count after all. This world would be a lackluster place without those who go to work every day, follow a routine on the line at Armstrong or in an office downtown. Checking out in Kroger would be a madhouse because we shoppers don’t know how to scan groceries and bag them in the blink of an eye – for those of us who are always in a hurry to get somewhere.

Just think of all those average people who teach our kids every day, who mold and shape them intellectually and otherwise.

I’d say it’s a fact that most parents aren’t keen on home schooling, much less qualified for the job. And what about the bus operators who haul all those laughing, talking, restless kids miles to school? Just average people.

What about the person who delivers your mail every day? What a mountain of mail there would be in the post office if they didn’t know the method for sorting it, bagging it, and know the name of every family on their route.

What about those guys who drive the big rigs, especially on these ice-covered West Virginia roads. And I do mean big! Every time one of those pulls alongside me in traffic, I shudder. What a responsibility! But they make it look so easy, like being behind the wheel of a VW Beetle.

So, when you think about it, where would this world be without its average people? Sounds to me like they are the ones who keep the wheels turning, the children growing and learning, the churches filled and the world in balance.

Things would be rather lop-sided if we were all geniuses. We need those mechanics for a tune-up and grease job, those nurses to stand guard beside our hospital beds, those policemen to shield us from harm, and all of the average young men who have fought-and are fighting-in all of our wars.

Generations from now, as some member of a family is visiting a cemetery with flowers for a grave, he may wander and randomly read the names on the grave markers. Perhaps your name or mine.

There will be names they don’t recognize and may wonder who we were and what we did while we were here. Just average people to them.

No name stands out for any particular accomplishment or achievement.

In the end, with all this said, I believe God knew what He was doing when He made the majority of us average people. We’re the ones who make His world tick. He knew we needed a genius every now and then, someone for the rest of us to look up to.

But He also knew that we could just as easily look up to our parents – and all of those others in the neighborhood – who are just average. Without a doubt, they have filled our world, and yes, made it tick. Average does count after all.