Howes Reunion

The 53rd Howes reunion was Aug. 7 at Indian Camp. It opened with President Junior Howes saying the blessing.

The business meeting opened with the group remembering the late Donovan Capocciamia and praying for cancer patient Krista Bond and all the lost loved ones. Howes said the prayer and scripture, 2 Peter 1:1-7, and a talk was given by Daniel Capocciamia.

A game called Learn about the Howes Ancestry was played. Who started the first Howes Reunion at Indian Camp? What year did the Howes have a circus?

The treasurer’s report was given and approved.

The secretary’s report was read and approved.

Old business: Had really good grilled chicken. Recipes are needed to make a book. Also, names of new family members and old family photos are needed. Both can be sent to: Jennifer Howes, 619 Bailey Ridge Rd., Buckhannon, WV 26201 or Berta Thompson, 200 Gawthrop Rd., Buckhannon, WV 26201.

New business: Robin Dishman made a motion that barbecue chicken be served at the next reunion. The motion was seconded by Lori Howes. Dishman also made a motion that the officers stay the same for next year. The motion was seconded by Tracy Henry. Officers will remain: President Junior Howes, Vice president Jennifer Kimble, Secretary Berta Thompson and Treasurer Susie Chapman. Candy jars were awarded to many of the children, and gifts were given in the following categories: oldest family member present, Robert Phillips, 98; youngest, Josie Chapman, seven weeks; largest family present, Josh and Charity Workman, seven; longest married couple, Franklin and Virginia Howes, 56 years; and shortest married couple, Jonathan and Jennifer Kimble, eight years. Many items were donated by Terry Gould.

The reunion ended with games and fellowship.

The next reunion is scheduled for the first Sunday in August.

Those attending are: Shirley Tinney, Kaylee Weaver, Shaw Bukofsky, Bob Linger, Pete Cobb, Prisilla Peggs, Jim Peggs, Maranda Peggs, Joanathan, Jennifer, Michael and Alex Kimble, Arron and Tina Hodges, Carroll and Susie Chapman, Michael and Berta Thompson, Bernard Huffman, Jennifer, Rylee, Katie and Joey Chapman, all of Buckhannon; Junior, Lori and Shelley Howes of French Creek; Curtis and Virginia Howes and Terry, Kim and Branden Gould of Big Bend; Peggy, Eugene and Miranda Bond and Patrick Phipps of Indian Camp; Chris, Taha, Courtney, Camberly and Darlene Mathieson of Virginia; Scott, Tracy, Taylor, Marshal, Faith, Hunter Henry, Cindy Divil, Josh, Charity Workman and kids, Ciff and Robin Dishman of Ohio; Alfred and Katie Howes, Cindy and Mylah Fletcher of Coalton; and Mark and Joan Howes of Belington.