Elkins Taco Bell to reopen in weeks

ELKINS – Officials say renovations to the Taco Bell restaurant in Elkins should be completed soon and the business will reopen in weeks.

Lenny Kaschenbach, area manager of Taco Bell stores, said the location is getting a “cosmetic overhaul.”

“The chain is required to make renovations and update all of our locations to the latest model after 20 years,” he said Monday.

The renovations start in the kitchen and will move forward into the dining room and the rest rooms, and will provide the exterior with a new look, Kaschenbach said.

“We are also installing wi-fi access in the fashion of an Internet cafe, as well as upgrading different pieces of equipment,” Kaschenbach added.

Roger Simonds, director of construction, said the project is scheduled to be concluded within three weeks, weather permitting.

“We are hoping that the weather is cooperative throughout the process,” he said. “We are working seven days a week to get everything done.”

Kaschenback said the Elkins location is one of 60 stores he manages throughout the area, including the new Buckhannon location, which he says has been very successful since it opened in early March.

“We are excited to get everything up and ready again,” Kaschenbach said.