Foundation supports Boy Scout project

Thanks to the Snowshoe Foundation, Scouts and Scouters who will use Boy Scout Camp Mahonegon located near Ellamore will now have a newly restored footbridge to give them safe travel across the Middle Fork River.

Originally built in the 1950s, the footbridge, the only access to the Ranger’s Cabin and Eagle Rock overlook, had sustained gradual damage from the effects of time as well as several floods over the past number of years.

“We felt the safety of those using the bridge was becoming an issue and knew it needed replaced or restored” said Tom Staud, Chairman of the Camp Mahonegon Maintenance Committee. “Thanks to the generosity of the Snowshoe Foundation and their concern for youth, we were able to gain the funding that allowed us to make the needed renovations.”

The upgrading of the 180-foot structure included removal of the wooden deck and replacement with reinforced plastic grating. In addition, the supporting structure was re-welded, straightened, and painted.

“It not only looks better, but it is safer and we certainly appreciate the $4,000 we received from the Snowshoe Foundation to make that happen. I know our scouts will be glad to have better access to the hiking trail that takes them to Eagle Rock,” said Jim Tanner, a member of the Camp Maintenance Committee.

Eagle Rock is the highest point on Camp Mahonegon property and provides a scenic view of the main camp area. Snowshoe Foundation has also supported other activities and projects at Camp Mahonegon including funding for the annual Cub Scout Day Camp and installation of a water line to bring public water into the camp.