Cub Scouts hosting derby

The Allohak Council, Boy Scouts of America, announces the 41st Annual Davis Anderson Memorial Cub Scout Pinewood Derby-The Allohak Council Championships, to be held Feb. 2 at the Grand Central Mall in Vienna.

Beginning at 10 a.m. Cub Scouts from all over the Allohak Council will compete, racing handcrafted cars of their own design and craftsmanship. This annual event will have over 500 youth racing on five tracks setup around the Mall. Participants will come from across the Allohak Council to participate in the Council Championships.

Pinewood Derby packets, including racing rules and a registration form, were posted on the Allohak Council website,, in November 2012. The deadline for pack race registration is Jan. 23 at 5 p.m. and is strictly enforced. On Jan. 25, the race schedule will be emailed to cubmasters and posted on the council website along with pack muster locations. The store front location in the Grand Central Mall is TBD.

The Pinewood Derby racing requires participants to learn the crafts necessary to make the individuals cars, the PWD rules that must be followed in the car making, the racing process and, most importanty sportsmanship. This has to do with how the scout acts and behaves while participating in the Derby. This event is not just about winning, but also how to be a good winner and loser and, more importantly, about having fun.

The purpose of the Pinewood Derby is to help the Cub Scout build a team relationship with their parent or helper, experience the sense of accomplishment, learn new skills, the excitement of competition, learn “win/lose good sportsmanship,” and to have fun. The model cars are made of wood to specified dimensions, and created, carved, assembled, and decorated by Cub Scouts under the guidance of the parents or helpers.

The Allohak Council Pinewood Derby Committee sets simple rules for the Derby and each scout receives a set of these rules with their racing kit. All scouts are required to build a new car each year. Cubmasters review these guidelines with their packs before the Derby. All scouts are reminded that they must follow these guidelines to participate in the Pinewood Derby. Race day the cars will be weighed, measured and inspected to confirm that the race rules have been followed. Cubmasters are reminded that the registration deadline is Jan. 23 and only the official registration form will be accepted.

At noon at the Derby at Center Court area track, the Scouts will be hosting the Mayors and area Dignitaries/Celebrities Race, in which all council mayors and area dignitaries/celebrities are welcome to compete. Registration is at 11:45 a.m.. Officials hope to see lots of area mayors, area dignitaries and area store mascots The Burger King, the Chik-fil-a Cow, Smokey the Bear and many more.

The Vienna Police Department will be at the mall to give out “speeding tickets” to some of the racers.

The 10 semifinalist trophies and cars from the 2012 race have been on display at the Council office since early December per the 2012 race rules.

“The idea for the race is to give the boys an opportunity to experience good friendly competition and track good sportsmanship. Boys will come away from here with a sense of satisfaction that ‘I may not have won, but I had a good time participating’,” said Kathy Anderson Wise, Pinewood Derby chairperson.

While the first local Pinewood Derby was held in 1972, the Pinewood Derby has been an annual event at the Grand Central Mall since 1974. Kathy Anderson Wise, PWD Coordinator, credits the mall and the mall merchants and other area merchants for their cooperation and support as several hundred scouts and their family members spend the day at the facilities.

Officials would like to thank the more than 100 scouting volunteers who work on race day to help the race go smoothly and efficiently, and the many area merchants who donate goods and services towards this event.

The Pinewood Derby kicks off Scout Anniversary Week as scouts from the area and across the state celebrate the Boy Scouts of America’s 103rd anniversary. Scouting continues to be a strong force in instilling values in the youth of America as one of the nation’s largest youth organizations with a membership of over 4 million youth. The Allohak Council has about 3,685 youth participating in Scouting on an annual basis with over 1,755 adult volunteers.

The Allohak Council serves 17 counties in West Virginia and Ohio as follows:

Highland District: Serving the counties of Barbour, Randolph, Tucker and Upshur in West Virginia.

Stonewall Jackson District: Serving the counties of Doddridge, Gilmer, Harrison and Lewis in West Virginia.

Little Kanawha District: Serving the counties of Calhoun, Jackson, Roane and Wirt in West Virginia.

Blennerhassett District: Serving the counties of Ritchie and Wood in West Virginia and Washington County in Ohio.

Washington District: Serving the counties of Pleasants and Wood in West Virginia and Washington County in Ohio.

Hock Hocking District: Serving the county of Athens in Ohio.

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.