Elkins seniors support Tucker

Emily Nestor and Summer Thompson, seniors at Elkins High School, selected two Tucker County programs as the main focus of their senior projects.

Emily chose to focus her research on the Tucker County Project Lifesaver Program, which serves individuals who have Alzheimer’s, autism or other cognitive disorders that may cause them to wander away and become unable to find their way home. Personalized signals from radio transmitter wristbands are used by trained, local law enforcement officials from the Sheriff’s Department to locate a person who may become lost.

Emily stated that she wanted her senior project to be more personal. She chose Project Lifesaver because of her cousin Rory Day, who was one of the first clients in Tucker County. Emily raised awareness about the program and also collected $55 in donations, which she gave to TC Project Lifesaver.

April Miller, director of the Tucker County Family Resource Center, stated that the money will go directly into the Project Lifesaver budget. Miller stated that the donation would provide five months of battery changes for a transmitter, which is the key to successfully locating a client.

Summer Thompson chose autism as the topic of her senior project. She also wanted her project to be a more personal and meaningful one. She raised $420 through an autism awareness campaign. Summer donated the funds to the Tucker County Special Education Program, with the specification that the money be used by the school to buy special supplies that will benefit kids who have autism.

Kim Falls, principal of Tucker Valley Elementary Middle School, was surprised by the donation. Falls stated that the extra funds will go a long way to secure materials for the school systems Autistic students. She stated that the special education program operates on an extremely tight budget and she was thrilled that Thompson was so generous as to raise money for students in Tucker County.