Lorentz CEOS meet for the holidays

The Lorentz CEOS club met at noon on Nov. 13 at the Lorentz community building for their Thanksgiving luncheon followed by their regular meeting.

President Shirley Cevenger called the meeting to order and led the group in the Lord’s Prayer, followed by the flag salute in unison.

The roll call was called by secretary Carol Grose with 11 members present. The minutes of the October meeting were read and approved. The treasurer’s report was given by Delores Wilson with a total of $901.09.

For show-how, Christine Crites displayed knit hats that she made. Birthdays for the month of October were Delores Wilson and Mary Kriner.

The lesson, “Cranberry Thanksgiving,” was led by Vera Bennett, substituting for Sharon Strader, who was unable to attend. Cranberries have long been used as a food source, first by Native Americans who made a mix called “pemmican.” This mixture consisted of dried cranberries, dried meat and fat. Later, early settlers began using the berries at Thanksgiving and other holidays. Cranberries more recently have become available in a variety of forms, and the medical field recognizes their health benefits.

Cranberries contain antioxidants that are thought to prevent urinary tract infections by keeping bacteria from adhering to the walls of cells. Nutritious cranberries have most health benefits when eaten fresh. They are high in vitamin C and fiber and low in calories and fat. So, eat cranberries.

In old business, Cevenger reported that she had attended the advisory board meeting conducted on Oct. 11. The Tupperware bingo was Oct. 13 and was attended by Shirley Clevenger.

Vera Bennett reported that she had attended the learn in return on Nov. 5.

Sharon Strader made the club’s Christmas tree ornament.

A motion was made by Anna Lee Talbott for the club to purchase 17 sets of hats and gloves for head start. The motion was seconded by Vera Bennett and passed by all members present. Shirley will make the purchase and deliver them to the extension office before Dec. 5.

Christmas raffle tickets were sold to members. The drawing will be on Dec. 7.

Members were reminded not to forget to bring a gift for the gift exchange. The Christmas luncheon was held Dec. 11. It was hosted by Sharon Strader and Teresa Khan.