MLK Celebration set for Sunday in Elkins

The Cultural Awareness and Enrichment Group of Elkins will host its annual Martin Luther King Celebration Sunday at The Old Brick Playhouse on the corner of Fourth Street and Davis Avenue.

There will be a Celebration March at 3:45 p.m. from Randolph County Community Arts Center to The Old Brick Playhouse led by Elkins Mountain School’s drum corp. The program will begin at 4 p.m. at The Old Brick Playhouse.

Laurie Goux and her dancers will present a tribute to King, “Keep the Legacy Alive.” Performers will include Nouna Anthony, Sajid “Sajwise” Cowan, Jesse “Jawilez” Wiley, Alice Sabatino, Mozella Marks and Sarah Ross.

Goux, dancer, choreographer, producer and adjunct professor of dance at Davis & Elkins College, currently directs dance programs at Riverside School Project, with Sabatino.

She had the honor of performing and teaching Dunham Technique at the 2010 Augusta Festival at Davis & Elkins College and lectured on the African Influence in Appalachian music and dance in 2011.

This year, she returned to teach dancing to the Blues and Afro-Brazilian dance. Goux has been performing and choreographing throughout Chicago since 1981 and is one of Chicago’s most multifaceted artists.

In 1995, she formed Spirit Wing Dance Ensemble under the guidance of her mentors Tommy Gomez and Jimmy Payne Sr. She worked at South Shore Cultural Center where she taught and developed dance curricula from 1991 to 1995 and developed dance curricula for Chicago Park District, Dancin’ in the Parks, Senior Dance Card and Park Kids programs.

Goux was a dance administrator for Boulevard Arts Center for five years. She has presented Arts-In-Education programs for Chicago Public Schools since 1988. She was assistant director of both. Body Language Dance Co. under Gomez and Englewood Children’s Dance Co. under Payne. She was artistic director and co-presenter of “Keep the Legacy Alive: Tribute to Katherine Dunham” and Katherine Dunham Awards 1996-1998 co-chaired by Danny Glover.

Admission to the event is free but contributions will be accepted. Refreshment will be served following the program.

For more information, call Melvin Marks at 304-614-9234.