Teter CEOS club hosts dinner

Teter CEOS met at Stonewall Resort for a Christmas dinner and gift exchange Dec. 13.

Members present were Caroline Carpenter, Iris Mae Swecker, Joyce Debarr, Dale Ann Curry, Justine Woody, Annet Brake, Barbra White, Debbie Kittle, Carol Biser, Jerry Stankus, Vonnie Hager, Betty Oldaker, Joyce Hoover, Millie Hornbeck, Judy Beer, Cheryl Gaunt, Shelia Dowell, Janet Smith and guest Jennifer Curry.

All of the club projects were celebrated, including those that also were completed as community services and awards given to the Blue Ribbon Club.

The club recognized Justine Woody, who has served as club president for the past five years. She was given a scarf and gloves in appreciation for her work.