Author to sign book in Buckhannon

Bill Church, an author from Normantown, plans to sign copies of his book, “Medicinal Plants, Trees and Shrubs of Appalachia,” from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday at the Daily Grind on Main Street in Buckhannon.

Church said he wrote the book to help himself identify the plants in the fields, woods and along streams that could be used as medicine. A friend suggested he offer the writings for sale to help others.

“I have studied herbal medicine since 1999 and have taken many classes on herbal medicine throughout the country,” Church said. “I tend to lean more toward the traditional Native American way of healing since that is in my blood. To really learn about the plants you have to put in the ‘dirt time,’ that means that you have to spend as much time as possible studying them and don’t depend on one book. Use many different ones, as each one gives you a different perspective on each plant. Find teachers to teach you and learn as much as you can from each.”

Church said he hopes readers will learn how to find cures for what ails them in their own backyards.

“My hope is that whoever purchases this book will learn that all weeds are not weeds, and that some medicine can come from your own backyard,” he said. “One instructor that I had on herbal medicine says that she believes that for whatever ailment that you have at the time, you will find the cure in your backyard. I have found that plants will change location from year to year.”

His book discusses 105 medicinal plants with color photographs. There is a space on the back of each page for notes. Church provided information on weights and measures, dosages, the gathering and drying of herbs, the type of preparations, herbal properties, plant terms, a list of symptoms and what herb to use for them, locations, when to harvest, parts to harvest, when to gather and when it blooms by month.

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