College announces upcoming art show

Alderson-Broaddus has released the schedule of upcoming art shows for March and April in its Daywood Gallery, located in Burbick Hall on the college’s campus.

The show “Transfigured by Time VII: Ensor’s Tribulations of Saint Anthony,” will continue through March 8. Artist and Associate Professor Grant Johnson will give a lecture on his work at 11 a.m. Tuesday in the Withers-Brandon Lecture Hall. A reception will follow in the gallery. All are welcome; this event is free and open to the public.

“Transfigured by Time VII: Ensor’s Tribulations of Saint Anthony,” is a 52-minute animated video installation that presents an important painting as a series of flashing colors combined with a soundtrack made by analyzing the color information in a digital image of the work. The intention is to create an environment that parallels the one depicted in the original painting using contemporary media. Visitors can stay with the work for a minute or two, or settle in for a longer experience. The work is challenging and will stretch many viewers’ conceptions of what art can be.

Artist Jessica Levine will create and exhibit a mixed-media installation that will be on view in Daywood Gallery March 18 to April 19. During the installation process, the campus and local communities are invited to observe and/or help in making the artwork. Activities for impromptu participation will be prepared to facilitate such engagement. Some mixed-media elements will be crafted on-site in the gallery, and some will be made in advance.

These elements may include harvested plant materials, living plant materials, textiles, rope, paper, concrete, wire, metal, charcoal, paint and graphite. The work will examine transformation from a natural history perspective and may illustrate coordinated movement such as flocking and schooling. There may be interactive elements, with low-tech features, like a crank, that are powered by the viewer.

Installation will start formally on the morning of March 18 and will continue until March 29. The artist will give a talk on campus at 11a.m. April 16. All are welcome; this event is free and open to the public. Installation will be on exhibit in the gallery until April 19, when the artist will dismantle it.