H.A.S. students enjoy winter campout

A small, hardy band of students from Highland Adventist School in Elkins recently survived an overnight campout in which the temperature dropped to the single digits during the night.

“We have students who consider it a real adventure to learn how to survive outdoors in all kinds of weather,” Cheryl Jacko, principal, said. “This year we took a small group of students out during one of the coldest nights of the winter. We got a little cold, but we survived. You never know when you might need a skill like that.”

Students on the campout learned how to build a fire in the snow, the importance of a really good sleeping bag, why you need insulation under your sleeping bag, why you should avoid getting damp and wet in cold weather, how to layer clothing for warmth, the importance of a fire, why huddling with a group is warmer than huddling by yourself and many other cold-weather survival skills. Even though they admitted being cold a time or two during the night, all the students stated they enjoyed their cold weather camping adventure and would sign up to try it again.

Highland Adventist School in Elkins provides a wide variety of outdoor skills training adventures to students in grades K-12. For more information visit the school website at www.highlandadventistschool.org.