Cass plans out-of-this-world train rides

In an era of dusk-to-dawn lighting, lunar excursions at Cass Scenic Railroad offer dark skies on New Moon Runs.

New Moon Runs will be offered Tuesday and Aug. 6. A new moon is a promise of dark skies from the Cass depot to the Whittaker Station destination. The New Moon run is at 8 p.m. National Radio Astronomy Observatory astronomers will be helping with this event. New Moon excursions will have telescopes positioned at Whittaker Station to view stars. NRAO astronomers will help sight in stars and planets that are present in the night sky.”

In case of cloudy skies, upon return from the trip, activities at the Community Center will include “Story in the Stars” talk, star lab and some hands-on activities. Milky Way candy bars are part of the evening snacks. There is a 100-passenger limit for the New Moon excursions. The cost is $36 for adults, $26 for children ages 5-12 and $16 for children under 5.