Delegates secure funds

As the ribbon was cut on the long-awaited Pocahontas County Wellness Center, Delegates Denise Campbell, D-Randolph, and Bill Hartman, D-Randolph, were proud to provide project coordinators with a $25,000 state grant for the purchase of bleachers.

“This center is vital to the well-being of the people in this community,” said Campbell who spoke Saturday during a ceremony for the center and presented the check. “So we were thrilled to be able to secure this money to help complete the facility.”

Hartman was also at the event, held in conjunction with the Pocahontas County Pioneer Days.

“This wellness center certainly is going to be very important to the residents of Marlinton and to the future of the city,” Hartman said.

House Speaker Tim Miley said that as he considered grant recommendations to send to the governor for funding, the 43rd District delegates made a strong case for the need to complete the wellness center by adding bleachers.

“Delegates Campbell and Hartman strongly believe that a center like this is a valuable resource for their constituents, and I certainly agree,” Miley said. “I am pleased to be able to recognize the hard work they do on behalf of their counties by helping them acquire these funds.”

Campbell and Hartman said they are grateful to project coordinators, in particular Roger Trusler and Mike Holstein, for many years of work on the center.

“This was eight years in the making,” Campbell noted. “They were on a mission and they would not take no for an answer – thank goodness.”

Hartman added, “I would never dreamed they would have been able to accomplish so much. But they would never admit that it couldn’t be done.”

The Pocahontas County Wellness Center, includes multipurpose rooms, a racquetball court and a fitness rooms, is to be used for public fitness and health care education classes and other activities.

“When I learned that the center lacked funding for the bleachers, I felt it was extremely important that the Legislature and governor take steps to help,” Campbell said. “Not only are the bleachers important for family members and others in the community to watch ball games, but they can be used for community meetings.

“And bringing together the community to improve the health of our residents is what this is all about.”