Pilgrim honors stellar drivers

The Pilgrim’s Moorefield transportation department has selected the following team members as its “Drivers of the Month”:

The January driver was Ruell Martin, feed mill department, employed with the company since July 2012.

The March driver was Thomas Kimble, live production department, employed since May 1992.

The April driver was Casey Snapp, feed mill department, employed since January 2009.

The June driver was Rodney Thorne, live haul department, employed since May 1993.

The July driver was Orville Eye, hatchery department, employed since March 1979.

These drivers were selected for this honor because they are all outstanding drivers and also possess exceptional attendance habits. Each driver works wonderfully with his or her team, performs duties and completes paperwork correctly. None of these drivers have been involved in an accident or violation, and their vehicle inspections are always complete, accurate and up-to-date. In addition, all drivers are very safety conscious at all times.

Pilgrim’s Driver of the Month is a program that has been implemented to recognize Pilgrim’s CDL drivers in Moorefield for their outstanding merit and work ethic. Team members selected for the program have exhibited outstanding work characteristics in the categories of attendance, teamwork, attitude, and job and safety performance.