Annual Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby set

The Allohak Council, Boy Scouts of America, will hold its 42nd Annual Davis Anderson Memorial Cub Scout Pinewood Derby-The Allohak Council Championships- on Feb. 1 at the Grand Central Mall in Vienna. Racing will begin at 10 a.m.

More than 500 Cub Scouts from the Allohak Council will compete, racing handcrafted cars of their own design and craftsmanship on five tracks set up around the mall.

The deadline for pack race registration is 5 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 22. It will be strictly enforced, and only the official registration form will be accepted.

The race schedule and pack muster locations will be emailed to Cubmasters and posted on the Council website ( on Friday, Jan. 24.

Pinewood Derby Packets were posted on the Allohak Council website in September of 2013.

Participants must learn PWD car-making rules, develop the skills for construction, become familiar with the racing process and exercise good sportsmanship.

The event teaches Scouts how to have fun and how to be good winners and good losers. It also teaches them how to build team relationships with parents or helpers, learn new skills and experience a sense of accomplishment and the excitement of competition.

The cars, made of wood to specified dimensions, are created, carved, assembled and decorated by Cub Scouts under the guidance of the parents or helpers. All Scouts are required to build a new car each year.

The Allohak Council Pinewood Derby Committee sets simple rules for the Derby, and each Scout receives a set of the rules with their racing kit. Cubmasters review the guidelines with their Packs before the Derby.

On race day, the cars are weighed, measured and inspected to ensure that the rules have been followed.

At this year’s event. each track will have a Scouting display, and the Kootaga Indian Dancers will perform throughout the day. Eagle Scout Jonathon Henson will play his bagpipes, and members of the Allohak Council Jamboree Troops will have an interactive display. Troops going to High Adventure camps also will have a display.

At noon at the Center Court area track, the Scouts will host the Mayors and Area Dignitaries/Celebrities Race. All Council mayors and area dignitaries/celebrities are welcome to compete. Registration is at 11:45 a.m,

The Vienna Police Department will give out “speeding tickets” to some of the racers.

The 10 semifinalist trophies and cars from the 2013 race have been on display at the council office since early December, per the 2013 race rules. The council office is in the Grand Central Mall, Hallway C, across from the Armed Forces Recruiting Center.

Kathy Anderson Wise, Pinewood Derby chairperson, said, “The idea for the race is to give the boys an opportunity to experience good, friendly competition and track good sportsmanship. Boys will come away from here with a sense of satisfaction that ‘I may not have won, but I had a good time participating.'”

The first local Pinewood Derby was held in 1972, and it has been an annual event at the Grand Central Mall since 1974. Wise praises the mall and mall merchants, plus other area merchants, for their cooperation and support.

She also said she appreciates the efforts of more than 100 Scouting volunteers and the donations of goods and services from merchants.

The Pinewood Derby kicks off Scout Anniversary Week, when Scouts from throughout the state celebrate the Boy Scouts of America’s 104th Anniversary. More than 4 million youths are involved in Scouting, and the Allohak Council has about 3,400 youths. More than1,770 adults volunteer.

The Allohak Council serves 17 counties in West Virginia and Ohio.