Support group meets in Lewis County

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Lewis County met on Dec. 16 in the West Hall of the Episcopal Church of Weston.

The group discussed some of the dual diagnosis issues of alcohol and prescription drug addiction and their relation to mood disorders. Also, the group discussed the replacement of sugar or caffeine for the alcohol addiction.

Many times addictions are a way of self-treatment for those with mood disorders who have not been properly diagnosed by a physician.

The group also considered the possibility of having the meetings in the daytime hours instead of evening.

This was agreed to be workable for all those who were present. Also, the possibility of inviting a speaker from Celebrate Recovery to come to one of the future meetings to discuss their program and how it works, was


Sharing by the group included ways to stay well and healthy during the holidays and how to avoid stress. Staying well by means of proper eating and exercise also was discussed by the Lewis County


Diana Thompson and Lee Fallon discussed the presentation Dec. 6 at the Lewis County Senior Citizens Center. The presentation was well attended. The seniors viewed a DVD hosted by Tony Dow that presents mood disorders and the effects that it has on the person themselves and also on family members. Free literature was handed out for those present. A question and answer period followed.

For more information on meetings in Lewis County, please call Lee Fallon at 304-269-5266 or e-mail