Team Members of the Month announced

MOOREFIELD – Stanley Wolfe Jr. has been honored as the April 2014 Team Member of the Month for the Pilgrim’s Moorefield fresh plant.

Wolfe works in the shipping department on evening shift and has worked for the company since June 2004.

“Stanley is a fantastic employee,” Mark Turner, his supervisor, said. “He has outstanding attendance and his teamwork is excellent. Stanley is always helping others and he comes to work every day with a happy attitude.

“He is a hard worker and makes sure all his jobs are completed correctly, as well as his paperwork. Stanley is very safety oriented, quick to notify me of any potential safety concerns and he completes his safety checks every day.”

Cardona has been honored as the May Team Member of the Month. Cardona works in the live receiving department on day shift and has worked for the company since November 2012.

Cardona’s supervisor, Kim Mowery, said, “Ernesto has excellent attendance. I can count on him to be at work every day and on time. He works well with his team, he likes to keep things running smoothly and will help out whenever needed.

“Ernesto is always polite and courteous and has proven himself to be a great addition to our team. Ernesto is always safe and promotes safety throughout the department.”

The Team Member of the Month program has been implemented to recognize employees for their outstanding merit and work ethic.

Employees in the program have exhibited outstanding work characteristics in the categories of attendance, teamwork, attitude and job performance.