Airport hosts cook-out picnic

Submitted photos A cook-out picnic, above, is held at the Elkins-Randolph County airport recently and was attended by many members of the local airport community

ELKINS — The local airport community got together for a cook-out picnic at the Elkins-Randolph County airport recently.

Pilots, families and friends of the airport had a great time sharing flying stories and only slightly exaggerated descriptions of marvelous feats of airmanship in both exotic and local places.

The picnic was sponsored by the Elkins Pilots Club and the Experimental Aircraft Association.

The Pilots Club was founded in 1962 and is open to pilots and anyone wanting to become a pilot.

The Pilots Club owns a four-seater airplane available for renting by the members.

The Experimental Aircraft Association is also based at the airport and is highly focused on sustaining the interest in aviation by the area’s younger generations.

To that end, the EAA International has flown more than 1.2 million Young Eagles flights for ages 8-17.

The flights are free to the Young Eagles, who it is hoped will continue their interest in flying to achieve a pilot’s license.