City of Buckhannon slated to break ground on new water tank

BUCKHANNON — The city of Buckhannon’s Water Board will break ground Thursday on a new 1.2 million gallon water tank located at the top of Victoria Street Hill, immediately adjacent to an existing 1.0 million gallon tank that will continue to serve the community.

The Water Board will gather at the site at 4 p.m. for a brief ceremony and then members will return to City Hall about 4:30 p.m. to conduct their regular monthly meeting.

“This project marks a very significant moment in Buckhannon’s history as we establish our most substantial quantity of water storage reserve. This helps prepare Buckhannon for future development and particularly the completion of Corridor H and the inevitable growth that will be realized in our area upon that highway’s completion,” said Mayor David McCauley.

The new water tank will be one of several upgrades to Buckhannon’s Harley A. Brown Memorial water plant and distribution system. During the past two years, more than $3 million worth of improvements have been undertaken.

Buckhannon acquired its municipal waterworks system in 1963 from Mountain State Water. The tank should be completed by about Dec. 1.

Jerry Arnold is the city’s public works director, and Kelly Arnold is the water department superintendent. Chapman Technical Group is the consulting engineering firm that designed the project and will oversee its completion. The five-member Water Board includes McCauley, Council members J. David Thomas and Robbie Skinner and citizen members Don Nestor and Eric Waggoner.

For more information, call Teresa Summers at City Hall at 304-472-1651.