Weston Pumpkin Drop set Oct. 28

WESTON — Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital is again providing the framework for the third annual Weston Pumpkin Drop to take place during the Oct. 28 Halloween Celebration at the Robert Bland Middle School Field.

The Weston Fire Department will provide the aerial truck from which the pumpkins will fall. There will be a grand prize of $100 for the pumpkin with the least fractures or cracks after it is dropped from the ladder

Rules for the Pumpkin Drop are:

1. The pumpkin must be at least 10 inches in diameter as a standard. Ties in the scoring can be decided by the entry with the largest diameter.

2. The pumpkin and the protective structure combined may not weigh more than 60 pounds.

3. The pumpkin container can have dimensions no greater than 30 by 30 by 30 inches.

4. The pumpkin may not be altered in any way (no freezing or adding chemicals).

5. No packing peanuts or other small, non-biodegradable fillers are allowed.

6. The protective structure should be designed so that a judge can open it and remove the pumpkin within 30 seconds.

7. The protective structure cannot hold or use any glass, ceramic, explosives or other potentially dangerous substance.

Interested participants should call 304-269-3683 in the evening or 304-269-8167 during the day for registration information.