Families sought as D&E hosts

ELKINS — Davis & Elkins College is looking for area families or individuals to volunteer for the Host Family Program for international students.

Director of International Student Services Lowe Del Aviles said participation in the program provides a rewarding experience for the families and the students, and builds many lifelong friendships.

“The friendships are not just limited to the students — it extends to the students’ families as well, and some host families visit their students in their home country,” Aviles said. “This has always been our goal — to make friendships around the world.”

Host families help students connect with the local community, and adapt to local climate and culture, as well as act as their family away from home when special needs arise. The families and students also have the opportunity to share cultural experiences and holiday traditions that can enrich both their lives.

Aviles said the range of involvement varies according to students’ needs and schedules of both the families and students.

“Some students just want to know they have someone here they can count on if they have a question or need help with something,” Aviles explained. “Others go to dinners or outings with their host family and some even visit every weekend.”

Additional information is available by calling Aviles at 304-637-1311 or emailing avilesl@dewv.edu.