Dance for Water Ceremony set


BUCKHANNON – A “Water Dance” will be performed at the Buckhannon Riverfest 2018 at 1 p.m. Saturday at the River Walk as part of a water ceremony. Choreographer and dance director Will Roboski seeks dancers and audience for the event.

“It is a short performance, less than 10 minutes. The theme is the value of water and importance of purification. This water dance is a combination of interpretative movement, drumming and dancing in and on the water. We are looking for people to come out to the event, as well as perform.”

Roboski, dance director of the Davis & Elkins College Appalachian Ensemble and co-founder of Elkins Dance Jam, joins Mountain Lakes Preservation Alliance to collaborate on this production.

“We need a variety of participants. We need six people to learn simple, slow-sustained phrases to dance from the shore. We need four people to briefly swim in the Buckhannon River, to drum with found objects, and to do simple movements. And we need audience members to watch, sway, and follow along from the landing.”

This performance is a pilot for an international choreography with an organization called Global Water Dances ( set for June 15, 2019.

When asked to describe this type of performance, Roboski replied: “It is a site-specific performance art — we take an environment and create a little magic with who and what we have. We create a few aspects ahead of time, like movements, maybe costumes and the music. We have a purpose, a malleable plan, and then, we interact on-site with an audience. We frame an issue in a curious way and give audiences an opportunity to consider it. They also get the chance to express themselves. Everyone is invited. Art is for everyone: any age, any spirituality, any gender, any body or ability. Come.”

Riverfest itself is a fun and educational event hosted by Mountain Lakes Preservation Alliance (MLPA) with water and land activities for individuals and families: flotilla shuttle services for kayaking, speakers, music, vendors, games and the water ceremony.

“We value and respect our water in West Virginia, especially whenever threats to our water occur. MLPA is an organization that stands for clean water and land rights. We are really privileged to have people who fight and who teach people to standup for their rights to healthy natural resources,” expressed Roboski.

For more details, search FaceBook for event: Dance for Water Ceremony or call 304-308 9191. Rehearsals required for performance roles. Artist stipends available, based on funds.

Any donations can be made out to Mountain Lakes Preservation Alliance and mailed to: 849 Shawnee Drive, Buckhannon, WV 26201.

Roboski performs, teaches and choreographs around West Virginia and Appalachia. Last year, Roboski choreographed for The Davisson Brothers’ Band single “Po Boyz” and “Dancing Joy: a Film of World Peace.” Contact Roboski at