Philippi Library Bookworms team ‘Runs For It’

PHILIPPI – A team of runners, walkers, and strollers representing the Philippi Public Library will participate in the Tucker Community Foundation Run For It Sept. 29 during the Leaf Peeper’s Festival in Davis. Library Director and Team Captain Judy Buckner Larry invites everyone to “support your local library and have a good time in the process!”

The money generated by the library’s team this year for the Run For It will go toward matching the library’s West Virginia Grant-in-Aid, to meet operational expenses, update library services and programs and maintain an aging facility. Each year, the library must match the State Grant-in-Aid it receives. At least one-half must be matched with the tax-based funds from the city of Philippi, Barbour County Commission and Barbour County Schools. The remainder is matched with other funds, including overdue fees; nominal fees charged for copying, printing, faxing, and scanning; donations; and fundraisers, such as the Run For It.” In 2017, the team raised $10,755.55 for the library. Larry hopes to do better this year.

The library strives to provide quality materials, programs and services which fulfill the educational, informational, cultural and recreational needs of the community and fosters lifelong learning. It does so by offering an array of materials, services, programs and classes for children, teens and adults.

“In order to maintain and improve the many programs, services, and materials the library provides and to maintain our aging facility, we must do fundraising and seek donations,” said Larry. The library is seeking runners, walkers, sponsors and donors to support the team.

The sponsor contributions help the library’s team to leverage additional funds on race day. The donations are tax-deductible and all Philippi Public Library team donations will go to the Philippi Public Library. All donations are appreciated. Teams raising the most support are eligible for large cash awards. Registration and donor forms are available at the library or online at

Larry asks everyone to please make checks payable to ‘TCF-RFI’ and write ‘Philippi Public Library Bookworms’ on the check’s memo line. Checks may be mailed directly to TCF-RFI, 737 William Ave., Suite 1, Davis, WV 26260 or dropped off to the Philippi Public Library. Checks must be postmarked to Tucker Community Foundation by Sept. 15 in order to garner additional funds for the library.