Camp Horseshoe seeking counselors

CAMP HORSESHOE, PARSONS — College students looking to challenge themselves and grow in an environment with the power to positively impact young lives will want to check out Horseshoe Leadership Center. We’re looking for college-age students who want to use their skills, energy, and passion for shaping a better world by influencing today’s teens and children.

Horseshoe summer camp counselors make all the difference in the lives of campers. Yes, Horseshoe is fun, friends, and all the great times that happen at camp, but it is so much more. Each week adds experiences to help our campers become all they can be, with an ultimate goal of returning home ready to serve others, and build better futures for all.

Horseshoe’s summer season includes nationally-recognized teen civic leadership and entrepreneurship camps, Adventure Camp for children ages 7-12 and Youth Opportunity Camps for low-income boys and girls. A summer science and mathematics camp, and a youth church camp.

Summer residential counselors build on prior experience and develop new skills to help teens and children become more productive citizens and always find something more within themselves in the process. Summer positions provide a living allowance, meals, and lodging.

For information, call Horseshoe at 304-478-2481, email or write Horseshoe Leadership Center at 3309 Horseshoe Run Road, Parsons, WV 26287-9029.