Elkins City Hall News

As reported yesterday in The Inter-Mountain and across social media, Marly Hazen has resigned her position as Fourth Ward Councilor. A full press release will be issued by the city later this month.

However, inquiries have already been received by the city as to how and when the seat will be filled. Ms. Hazen was just over two years into a four-year term, and according to the Elkins City Charter, appointment to the vacant seat until the 2021 election is to be made by the city council. Sometime next week, you can expect an announcement from the City Clerk as to the procedure and timeline for this action to be completed, and the means by which interested Fourth Ward residents may apply.

Also next week, the Public Safety Committee will meet to discuss any ways in which the city may entice private individuals to purchase dilapidated or condemned properties for demolition, to avoid using public funds. This meeting is scheduled for Monday at 10 a.m. Also, next Wednesday at 10 a.m., Municipal Properties will meet to discuss a proposed downtown sound system, and on Thursday at noon Rules and Ordinances will be talking about food trucks, skateboarding and the distance between ABCA license holders and churches. Join us for any of these public meetings at City Hall.