Garden Therapy Committee meets

Submitted photo From left are Linda DeBarr, Jane Godwin, Vonnie Hager and Wilda Godwin.

The Fred Brooks Garden Club Garden Therapy Committee met at Sandra McCutcheon’s house on April 26 to plan the May 7 activity to be held at Serenity Care Assisted Living.

Members Jane Godwin, Millie Hornbeck, Ann Ludlow and Sandra McCutcheon planned on making tussie-mussies with residents of Serenity Care. A tussie-mussie is a term from the early 1400s for small, round bouquets of herbs and flowers with symbolic meanings. In preparation for the activity, members constructed cones made of heavy, colorful paper that would be filled with silk flowers by the residents.

On May 7, members met at Serenity Care to carry out the activity. Members present were Jane Godwin, Linda DeBarr, Ann Ludlow, Vonnie Hager, Sharon Evans and Sandra McCutcheon. Nine ladies from Serenity Care were assisted in filling the tussie-mussies with silk flowers of their choice, with pipe cleaners attached to the backs to hang them in their rooms. Members then completed 16 more of the tussie-mussies and delivered them to other residents while visiting with them during the day. Everyone seemed delighted to have these attractive bouquets hanging in their rooms.