Randolph County Marriages

The following marriages were recorded at the Randolph County Courthouse:

Joshua Lee Helmick, 18, of Elkins, to Jalyssa Samone Reams, 19, of Elkins on July 13.

Alexander Nicholas Johnson, 18, of Kerens, to Abigail Haley Shamer, 17, of Kerens on July 13.

Rickey Adrian White, 66, of Elkins, to Billie Jo Green, 66, of Elkins on July 20.

Delbert William Shaffer Jr,, 79, of Dailey, to Joann Marie Lancaster, 72, of Dailey on July 20.

Eric Lerond Lucas, 51, of Beverly, to Connie Lea Boggs, 45, of Elkins on July 27.

Robert Fredrick Scott III, 37, of Plantation, Florida, to Kayja Renee Billups, 29, of Plantation, Florida on July 19.

Ronald Joseph Wright, 28, of Elkins, to Kalee Alyse Lashley, 19, of Elkins on July 16.

Bradley David King, 24, of Beverly, to Mariah Elizabeth Mitchell, 20, of Beverly on July 16.

Terry Allen Shannon, 52, of Elkins, to sarah Ellen Liggett, 53, of Elkins on July 19.

Daryl Edwin Shockley, 31, of Elkins, to Sydney Alexis Franklin, 22, of Elkins on July 27.