Barbour men face charges

Officers in Barbour County arrested two men on 10 felony counts each of breaking and entering, and another man on a charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm this week.

James C. Wellman, 18, and Matthew L. Ball, 20, both of 112 Locust Avenue, Philippi, were arrested by Philippi Police Chief J.W. Walters on 10 counts each of breaking and entering for allegedly breaking into storage units at Turtle Town Storage on Beech Avenue in Philippi around Nov. 26. Their preliminary hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Wellman was arrested Jan. 21 and released Jan. 22 on a $500 recognizance bond for each felony count.

He will be represented by Megan Allender of Kingwood at his preliminary hearing. Ball was arrested Jan. 19 and released Jan. 22 on a $500 recognizance bond for each felony count. Roger Curry of Fairmont will represent Ball at his preliminary hearing.

In an unrelated case, Junior Police Chief Carlton “Jody” Haller arrested Donald Ray Watson, 30, P.O. Box 383, Junior, on Jan. 20 for the felony offense of being a felon with possession of a firearm.

His cash/surety bond is set at $5,000. Watson will be represented by Justina Helmick of Philippi. His preliminary hearing has been scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday.

According to the complaint, Haller met with Bryan Thompson, a probation officer in Randolph County, and then traveled together to Watson’s residence for a home inspection. They were invited into the residence by another individual. The complaint stated that Thompson went downstairs into Watson’s room where he discovered a black gun case. Thompson opened the case and found a 30-30 Salvage single-shot with a scope camo stock inside. He also found a black bow case with a Martin compound bow and some arrows elsewhere in the room.

The complaint stated that Thompson discovered a black gun cabinet in the upstairs dining room. Watson’s father, Danny Watson, was present and was asked if there were any guns located inside the cabinet. He allegedly said there was. Thompson asked Danny Watson to open the cabinet where he then found multiple firearms.

Haller then removed the guns and the bow from the residence at 418 River Ave. Danny Watson signed an inventory sheet for the guns that were removed after Haller discovered that Donald Ray Watson is a convicted felon.