Barbour RIFs nine employees

The Barbour County Board of Education voted this week to reduce the school system’s work force and terminate nine employees for lack of need, funding and/or reconfiguration of positions. The terminations will be effective June 30.

Those affected by the terminations are Timothy Moyer, technology systems specialist, Philippi Middle School; Thomas Williams, technology systems specialist, Belington Middle School; Teresa Riccio, kindergarten instructor, Belington Elementary School; Kelly Clark, 3rd grade instructor, Philippi Elementary School; Naomi West, 2nd grade instructor, Philippi Elementary School; Amanda Sweet, Title I reading and math instructor, Philippi Elementary School; Linda Menear, multi-categorical instructor with autism, Kasson Elementary/Middle School; Ashley Bowman, Title I reading and math instructor, Belington Elementary School; Wendy Phillips, multi-categorical instructor with autism; Philip Barbour High School; and Mary Shaver, general maintenance with the county.

“There were no hearings regarding reduction in forces and I think that is a credit to the way we go out and meet face-to-face with those who will be affected by the move,” Dr. Joseph Super, superintendent of Barbour County Schools, said.

“I have to credit the board of education as we do lots of prep work and help keep those who will be affected in the loop of potential jobs and help them know of jobs that will be open so they can bid on them,” he said.

“These are peoples’ lives and jobs,” Super said. “We try to work with our employees and let them know what is going on. We work more one-on-one and are proactive to help these folks find employment. Those on the reduction in work force list are put on a preferential recall list. Some of these folks have already been moved into other positions within our school system.”

Super said the reduction is difficult for individuals but he feels the people understand the economics of the system.

Other actions taken by the Barbour BOE at Monday’s meeting included:

– Voting to accept the retirement of Richard Cleavenger as mathematics instructor at Philip Barbour High School effective June 30.

– Voting to employ Cleavenger as a substitute teacher for 2013-2014.

– Voting to accept the resignation of Barbara Williams as a substitute aide effective Jan. 11.

– Voting to employ Harry Moke Post, instructor, Belington Elementary School; Sheila Wilson, cafeteria manager/cook, Kasson Elementary/Middle School; and Kimberly Burnett, instructor, Volga-Century Elementary School for 2013-2014.

– Voting to employ Melinda Karlen, cook, Belington Elementary School. beginning Jan. 30; and Michael Wanstreet, bus operator route 5 and mechanic assistant, beginning Jan. 30.

– Voting to approve the transfer of Meloney Wilson to kindergarten instructor at Belington Elementary School for 2013-2014.

– Voting to approve transfers for Ardith Nelston to 2nd grade instructor at Philippi Elementary School and Jessica Jones to 3rd grade instructor at Philippi Elementary School.

Super also invited board members and residents to attend the Barbour County Math Field Day award ceremony at 6:45 p.m. at the Philip Barbour High School auditorium Feb. 5. The snow date for the event is Feb. 7.