Buckhannon business plans personal interest classes

Valentine’s Day products already are on many display shelves at various retail locations and on the minds of many individuals and couples alike.

For those who are hoping to give a special homemade gift to a loved one, friend, spouse or significant other, an upcoming Valentine cooking class will be offered by the recently established Buckhannon business, Enriched Living LLC. The new business was formed in the area this fall.

Owner Buck Edwards said he wants to have the majority of the personal interest classes offered through his businesses in Buckhannon, Elkins and Weston. He said the classes are a benefit to the community because they attract people from out of town to the local area where they can shop and spend their extra time. Some of the classes he has planned span an entire weekend.

“They’ll have time to get out and go to the shops downtown and just experience the area,” Edwards said.

The cooking class is set from 8 a.m. to noon, Feb. 2 at the Way of Holiness Church in Buckhannon. It is a one-day class that aims to instruct students to prepare a Valentine’s Day dinner that both looks elegant and is simple to make. It’s more than just a cooking class. Students also will learn to plate the meal and dress the table. The class is $59, and pre-registration is required by Jan. 28. To pre-register, call Edwards at 304-588-5200.

The cooking class will utilize a hands-on learning style that Edwards said will allow everybody to get involved. He said many of the classes will follow that same style, and the Valentine cooking class is one of a variety of different classes that will be offered.

It is just one of many upcoming classes offered by the personal-enrichment company. The company hosts a variety of personal interest classes that give students the opportunity to experience hands-on, practical involvement with the subject matter, according to a recent press release. At least eight classes have been planned from February to July.

“I’ve always had an interest in a lot of different subjects, and most of our classes will deal with cooking, photography, gardening, outdoor-type activities, and I want to learn as well,” Edwards said, adding that he started the business not only because of his own interest in learning, but he knew others would want to learn as well. He saw the opportunity to develop and market the classes and to find professionals willing to instruct them. Edwards said he tries to find local professionals who have a skill they want to share with the public. He also said he would utilize local venues as much as possible.

“There’s a lot of people in the public out there that want to learn the same thing I want to learn,” Edwards said.

For those who find cameras tricky and confusing or for those who simply want to understand their cameras better, a couple classes will be conducted in March to help. It doesn’t matter how casual or complicated the camera is; the class is designed to help all students understand any camera they may have. The March 9 class will be conducted in Buckhannon.

Another class scheduled for March 16 will take place in Summersville.

It’s no April Fool’s joke that an entire weekend camp dedicated to ramps is being planned by Enriched Living LLC.

The weekend course will span from April 1-3. This “All About Ramps Weekend” is scheduled to take place in Cowen, where students will learn how to harvest, preserve and prepare ramps in the mountains of West Virginia.

By mid-April, students will have had the opportunity to learn about cooking and cameras, but those more interested in hunting will have their opportunity with the Turkey Hunting School scheduled for April 12-14 in Glenville. The class is designed for students who want to learn to hunt turkeys or for those who have had little success trying to do so. The course will take place both in the classroom and in the field to prepare students in time for turkey season.

Different variations of cooking courses begin anew in May with a barbeque grilling weekend, open fire cast iron cooking class and a canning class, all scheduled to take place in Buckhannon. Dates for the three courses will be announced.

For more information about Enriched Living, LLC. and the classes they have to offer, call Edwards or visit the company on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Enrichliving.