Coalton man done walking to work

A Coalton man who walked 10 miles to Elkins every work day for the past 28 years has finally retired.

Richard Slayton, who has worked as a housekeeper for decades, will be hanging up his shoes in favor of a more leisurely life at home.

“It’s time for somebody else to start walking and working,” he said.

Slayton said he worked at the now-closed Memorial General Hospital, Davis and Elkins College, an Elkins convalescent home and, most recently, Nella’s Inc.

Now, problems with his right leg are making it harder for him to walk.

“I want to sit at home and take it easy,” Slayton said.

His plans for the future include finding work around his home, with activities such as mowing grass and cutting wood.

Retired life will include some down time, as well. Slayton said he wants to sit down and enjoy some television in his free time.

He said the scariest thing he ever noticed on a work-day jaunt was a panther.

“It was dark. I couldn’t see it. I could hear it screaming really loud,” he said.

The worst weather he ever trudged through was a blizzard, approximately seven years ago.

In other times of inclement weather, he said, the occasional driver would pick him up. Hitchhiking was not the norm, however, and Slayton’s shoes logged a lot of miles.