Elkins High School Theatre to perform plays

Elkins High School Theatre students will be performing two plays on both Friday and Saturday.

Actors and directors in the EHS theater program are scheduled to perform two pieces written by playwright Jonathan Rand “Check Please” and “Murder in the Knife Room.” The EHS players will be on stage at 7 p.m. at the high school.

Matt Taylor, EHS theater teacher, recently provided information about the plays and the students’ roles in each to The Inter-Mountain. Senior Katie Stalknaker will be directing “Check Please,” a short comedy about the perils of the dating world. The audience will see both a man and woman attend a series of first dates.

A mime, a man wearing burlap, an obsessed sports fan, a woman with multiple personalities, an actor who is only pretending and a woman who has the whole relationship planned out will make an appearance.

Kaitlyn Miller, Cole Ends, Sarah Cooper, Julia Fregonara, Chris Clarkson and Lea Fedder are featured in the opening performance.

“Murder in the Knife Room” will be directed by senior Colleen Webley. Twenty suspects will be sorted through to find the culprit of a single crime in this murder mystery.

A respected general, an invalid, a stand-up comic and a millionaire are all on trial as an omniscient inspector seeks to find out the evening’s true criminal.

Natalie Green, Glen Smakula, Jessie Mullenax, Jon Cain, Kirsten Helmick and Katy Mattingly are all featured in this thriller.

More information about the plays can be found at www.ElkinsDrama.com.

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