Parents meeting about school funding concerns

Since the proposed Barbour County schools bond and levy were defeated in November’s election, residents had anticipated cuts would have to be made. But now, questions about where those cuts may be made – and whether they will involve school athletics – has caused new concern.

Barbour County parents and residents are invited to attend an informal meeting at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the Belington Fire Department.

Lori Wetzel said she is organizing the meeting “to get others together and toss around ideas to present at the next Barbour County Board of Education meeting Monday.” A Facebook page has been created called “Parent meeting about elimination of middle school sports in BC.”

Dr. Joseph Super, superintendent of Barbour County Schools, said Tuesday any ideas he has for cuts would be brought to the board when appropriate.

“The board of education would make the decision on what, if any cuts will be made,” Super said. “Other than that, I cannot comment on the proposed cuts.

“I truly appreciate the resident’s concerns and I hope they can show and present ways to raise funds and support things that we as a board have not considered,” Super said. “We always appreciate the community’s help and encourage them to bring input to our meetings at any time.”

The Facebook page states, “A parent meeting is being held about the elimination of middle school sports in Barbour County. This meeting is to toss around ideas and come up with a game plan for approaching the board of education. Even if you don’t have a child in middle school currently, please attend this meeting as it affects our youth!”

Wetzel said it is important for the group to be organized and come up with valid points and concerns to present to the board on Monday.