Project questions answered

Rural Community Assistance Program State Coordinator Dan Pauley answered questions about the fourth resolution relating to construction of the City of Belington’s wastewater project Thursday at Belington City Council’s regular meeting.

The Rural Community Assistance Program is part of a national network of service providers that offer technical services on a local level to small rural communities. These are primarily in the development or management of water and wastewater facilities.

The project is nearing 20 percent completion.

Council approved payment of the resolution.

Councilman Max Grove asked if council would receive copies of the blueprints once the project is completed.

“Engineer drawings and plan modifications will be given to the city upon completion of the job,” Pauley said. “The town will also receive operating manuals on how to operate the equipment.”

If contingency monies are left at the end, Grove wanted to know if they could be used to provide services for possible development sights.

“No money can be used for projected growth from these funds,” Pauley said.

Belington Chief of Police Keith Rowan presented council with a summary of the 2012 activities.

“In the past year, we issued 228 traffic citations, 86 misdemeanours, 33 felonies, 915 investigation calls, 18 accidents and logged 20,201 miles,” Rowan said. “We also successfully investigated 30 drug charges.”

Rowan said he thought the Belington Police Department showed lots of progress for its size.

“We are proud to serve the citizens of Belington,” Rowan said.

The next meeting of the Belington City Council is slated for 7:30 p.m. Jan. 17.