Special Olympics receives recognition

The Tucker County Commission heard from a Special Olympics representative about the upcoming Winter and Summer games during Wednesday’s commission meeting.

Stormy Meloy, organizer of the Tucker County Special Olympics group, spoke to council member about the games. She said there are seven athletes participating in this year’s winter games, which will take place in Canaan Valley, and three athletes who will be traveling to Morgantown for a basketball competition as part of the event.

“We don’t turn anyone away,” she said, telling commissioners that all Tucker County residents are eligible to participate.

Meloy addressed the commission to seek funding for the participants in the amount of $850. Funds, she said, will be distributed for use in the Winter and Summer Olympics and will provide transportation to the basketball event.

Commissioners were shown this year’s pamphlet for the Olympics. The cover displays a resident of Tucker County participating in last year’s games.

Both Commissioners Lowell Moore and Mike Rosenau were excited about the event.

“I want to say thanks for the effort you put forth for these children,” Moore said.

“To me, this is a wonderful event,” Rosenau added.

Commissioners voted to provide Meloy with the requested funds.

– In other news, Dustin Luzier, Tucker County Community Corrections site supervisor, reported to the commission that more than 1,500 community service hours were completed by Corrections participants in December.

He is working to get funding for a computer that will be used for GED training. Luzier said there are 21 individuals in the Community Corrections program and a handful are without basic high school training.

“Five or six of them don’t have GED or high school education,” he said. “If you don’t have a high school education it is really hard to find a job.”

– Darla Stemple, Tucker County E911 director, also reported to the commission.

She said a guy wire snapped on the E911 communications tower last week.

The tower was covered in ice and was not able to be climbed. On Saturday, the wire was repaired by utilizing a bucket truck to access the necessary part of the structure.

“Repairs have been made, and the other guy wires have been tightened,” she said.

Stemple also said E911 officials are considering purchasing a new weather station for use at the E911 center.

The one currently in use provides a rain gauge, but the wind speed function is not working. She said measuring wind speed can provide vital information and would be an asset to emergency crews.

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