Tucker BOE passes revised wellness policy

There were no raised voices or concerned individuals present Tuesday as the Tucker County Board of Education passed its revised wellness policy, which was the focus of four separate meetings in 2012.

The policy had come under scrutiny from parents saying the restrictions were too harsh and were negatively affecting concession stand sales during after school events. Issues also arose because fundraising projects were denied approval for not meeting the policy’s guidelines.

For three consecutive meetings beginning in November, parents came to address the board regarding the policy.

While the board listened to the comments, no action was taken until a consideration for review was placed on the agenda. Board members met in a special work session on Dec. 10 and hashed out the details.

The policy that will be put into effect was proposed by board member Janet Preston in December. That motion included amending the wellness policy in the following ways:

– No sales, delivery, consumption or marketing of unapproved food items will be permitted on school grounds between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.

– All fundraising applications will need to be approved by the principal of the Tucker County school in question and by Superintendent Dr. Eddie Campbell.

– Fines can still be incurred for breaking the policy and, in the case of a fine, the guilty party will be subject to reimbursing the school for any lost funds.

– The new policy will not be applicable to fundraisers that take place outside the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.

– The new policy will only be applicable when students are in attendance.

In other news:

  • Tucker County High School Principal Jay Hamric presented graduation rates and projections for the school meeting annual yearly progress for the coming assessment period.

In 2011, 81.61 percent of TCHS students graduated. According to state regulations, one of three requirements have to be met for the school to be considered having met AYP: 90 percent or more of the class must graduate; the graduation percentage must show at least a 10 percent improvement from the previous year; or the past three years must show an average improvement of at least 10 percent.