Break dumps 700,000 gallons of water

A water main break near Davis Memorial Hospital prompted a boil water advisory for large parts of the Elkins area Wednesday.

The notice was issued following a 12-inch water main break at approximately 10:30 a.m. on Gorman Avenue in front of the Health Facilities Inc. building across from DMH.

The boil water advisory notice was issued by the City of Elkins Wednesday for residents in 2nd Ward, 3rd Ward and 4th Ward beginning on Sycamore Street, including the area north of Sycamore Street, Crystal Springs and Highland Park.

The boil water notice also effects customers of the Huttonsville Public Service District and the Leadsville Public Service District.

Tracy Fath, Davis Health System’s director of Marketing & Development, said the break caused a temporary disruption in water at Health Facilities Inc. and Women’s Health Care.

“Water service has been restored to Health Facilities Inc. and Women’s Health Care. However, both buildings are included in the boil water advisory,” Fath said. “We supplied bottled water to those in the two buildings following the water line break.”

City of Elkins Operations Manager Bob Pingley said approximately 700,000 gallons of water were lost during the break.

“This is an older line and they tend to break occasionally,” Pingley said. “Nothing specific caused it, but we have had trouble with that line before.”

Pingley said he was unsure of any damage the line break may have caused cars parked in the lot where the break occurred. He said crews had the leak under control within 45 minutes and they were working to replace a section of the broken line. He said they would most likely finish the repairs Wednesday evening.

“We will probably have the boil water advisory notice until Friday,” Pingley said. “When the line is fixed, we take samples to Clarksburg for analysis. It takes 24 hours before we get the all-clear and can lift the boil water advisory notice.”

Pingley said customers in other areas of Elkins may experience cloudy water, but the boil water advisory notice does not include them.

“Any disruption in the water system causes water to be cloudy, but it is not contaminated,” Pingley said.