Council praises Wellness Center

The Parsons City Council praised the success of the Wellness Center, noting the facility is exploding with business as a result of various clubs and activities available for city residents.

Several council members attributed the success of the center to Jess Hudnall, a manager at the facility. Councilman Tim Auvil, while speaking about the Parsons Park Board, initially brought up the center.

“(The Wellness Center) is doing fantastic,” he said. “Jess is doing great job over there.”

Auvil specifically mentioned the karate classes as an examle of a program that is doing well.

He said there currently are three karate classes being offered and, because of high demand and an overload of participants, the addition of a fourth class is being considered.

In other news, council documents report that Parsons officials have received FEMA funding in the amount of $36,413.34 after being reimbursed by the federal organization for costs incurred through Superstorm Sandy clean-up efforts.

“This will be a big help,” said Mayor Dorothy Judy, noting the vast amount of resources used by city officials during the clean-up.

Jason Myers continued the meeting by speaking about new security cameras, which have been installed in the Charles W. Rosenau Municipal Building in Parsons.

“We have every entrance under surveillance,” said Myers.

The cameras were made available through funds derived from a Community Oriented Policing Services grant.

They are not operational, Myers said. Maximum Construction LLC will be working with Myers in the coming weeks to position and focus the cameras and train city staff to operate the system.

“Hopefully, by the next meeting, we will be able to demonstrate the cameras,” he said.

Myers also reported the First and Second Street Streetscapes Project is nearly complete.

The cake walk area in front of the Tucker County Courthouse will be uncovered this week, Myers said.

A sealant will be placed on the new concrete to keep it from eroding. Myers said council will be making it a point to seal the concrete every three years to keep the new sidewalks in pristine condition.

Myers said the concrete will not erode and the color will not degrade if sealant is properly and regularly applied.

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