Digital Learning Day dazzles students

Eight hundred students and teachers across West Virginia opened their classrooms Wednesday to demonstrate the power of digital teaching and learning during the second Digital Learning Day.

Parents, friends, community members, press and policymakers were invited to attend a Globaloria class and experience an innovative, hands-on “game-design studio.”

Students at the Randolph Technical Center demonstrated skills they have learned in their Globaloria class. Instructor Denise Stalnaker said each of her classes have blogs and Wiki.

“As technology changes, so must our curriculum,” Stalnaker said. “On Digital Learning Day we celebrate that our educators continue to embrace those changes by testing a new curriculum that will provide our students with more opportunities for innovative and effective learning.”

In celebration of Digital Learning Day, World Wide Workshop announced a partnership with two West Virginia high schools to test the beta version of a new Globaloria curriculum that teaches students industry standard 3D game technology, expanding the scale of opportunities available to students in developing their programming abilities for console, mobile and web applications. 3D game design is being tested at the Randolph Technical Center in Elkins and Preston High School in Kingwood.

Globaloria students are developing original STEM games, collaborating with their peers and teachers, using digital curriculum and accessing peer and expert support through an online network.

Globaloria’s program is personal and flexible, led by teachers with significant support, and provides high-quality resources. Globaloria is also designed to foster effective digital learning and teaching practices in any classroom, from an all-girls Spanish class in New York City to Boys and Girls Clubs in the Silicon Valley.