Educational dinner meeting set in Parsons

A WVU professor will be speaking about parasite resistence at an educational dinner this Thursday in Parsons.

At 6 p.m. at the Parsons Senior Center, Dr. Scott A. Bowdridge will be presenting information to local beef and sheep producers about parasite management in livestock.

“The goal is to address research at the university,” Bowdridge said.

This meeting is part of a series of dinners conducted by the WVU Extension Service. Extension officials have invited speakers to present this winter, around the state, on topics such as forage economics and brush and weed control, according to the Extension Service website.

A professor of food animal production, he will be addressing the need for combating drug resistance with methods such as introducing additives into an animal’s food supply.

When asked by the Inter-Mountain about other methods of circumventing resistance, Bowdridge said he will be reserving those for discussion at the meeting.

He said dewormers, drugs for cattle and sheep, are presently effective in beef cattle but are a problem for sheep farmers.

“Parasites have become resistent to (drugs),” Bowdridge said.

Local farmers, he said, will be attending the meeting for informational purposes.

“I don’t necessarily need to be out on the farm,” Bowdridge said.

A lot of the work that can be done, he said, is possible over the phone. Farmers are capable of implementing changes to how they raise their cattle and sheep.

If contact in the field is necessary, Bowdridge said, local extension agents around the state are available to visit farms and complete hands-on work.

More information about this and other dinners can be found by calling the Tucker County Extension Office at 304-478-2949 x209 or by visiting the dinner’s web page online at