Ice storm to make driving dangerous

Officials at the National Weather Service are predicting slippery conditions in Pocahontas County and the eastern portions of Randolph County today.

As of 3 p.m. Monday, an ice storm warning issued by the NWS said freezing rain was expected to cover the area until 1 p.m. today.

“There will be ice tonight and tomorrow morning,” Meteorologist John Victory said Monday. “It will turn to rain by the afternoon.”

The warning suggests that ice accumulation could lead to widespread power outages. Accumulations of ice are predicted to reach 0.25 to 0.40 inches in Pocahontas County and 0.25 inches in eastern Randolph.

Victory said the slippery conditions on the roads will change as the temperature warms up by this afternoon and the freezing rain turns to rain.

Wind is also an issue that residents should look out for, Victory said.

“There will be some strong, gusty winds on the ridgetops,” he said.

Victory said he expected wind gusts to persist until this evening.

A wind advisory released by the NWS at approximately 3:30 p.m. Monday confirmed his expectation. The advisory will be in effect until 7 p.m. today, predicting continuous 20 to 30 mph winds, with gusts up to 50 mph.

The advisory said strong winds could cause tree damage, power fluctuations and outages and possible debris which could end up in roadways.

Victory also said rain will be likely throughout Wednesday, with temperatures rising in the early part of the week.

Victory said he expects Elkins residents to see highs in the 40s both today and Wednesday. By Thursday and Friday, highs are expected to drop to the low 30s.

The NWS website lists today’s low as just below freezing, at 30 degrees. Wednesday night’s low will increase alongside the high, up to 36 degrees.

Thursday and Friday night’s lows are expected to decrease to the mid-20s.

Snow showers are expected Thursday and Friday evening, with chances of precipitation on Thursday at 80 percent and on Friday at 60 percent, according to the NWS website.

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