Philippi striving to slow traffic

In an effort to curb speeding traffic along two city streets, Philippi City Council approved the mayor’s recommendation Tuesday that more stop signs be purchased and installed.

Mayor Jerry Mouser said he had been speaking with Police Chief Jeff Walters regarding ways to reduce speeding along Beech Avenue and Maple Avenue. City police are using radar detection, but officials believe it is not a permanent solution. As a former police officer, Mouser said he knew from experience that the radar enforcement would reduce speeding traffic only as long as a police agency could maintain the radar work and issue tickets.

He said once the radar-enforced violations stop, speeding traffic would again become a problem. He addressed the problem with Walters and discussed ideas, such as adding speed bumps or stop signs. Mouser told the city council that he and Walters thought the best solution would be to install additional signs.

– In other news, Sunday and Monday proved to be a learning experience for Philippi city officials who attended the West Virginia Municipal League Conference in Charleston.

City Manager Karen Weaver summarized the experience that she, Mouser, office manager Carol Matko and council members Barbara Bryan and Ed Larry had when they traveled to Charleston for the conference.

“It was a very good conference for us to go attend because we got to meet with all of the other municipalities across the state,” Weaver said. “We learned a lot. We got to travel to the capital, and we met with our delegates there and got to voice our opinions.”

Mouser said he has an interest in derelict and vacant buildings in the city. Through the conference, Mouser said he was able to meet with both the current and a former mayor of Clarksburg, who said they would be willing to give a presentation about what they have done to tackle the issue of derelict and vacant buildings in their municipality.

Weaver said Philippi officials also attended some productive workshops while participating in the conference. She said one main reason the conference is conducted at about this time in the year is because the Legislature is in session. Philippi officials also had the opportunity to speak with Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin while there.

“It was a very worthwhile trip for us,” Weaver said.

– In other business, the City Council conducted the second reading of an ordinance authorizing the acquisition of property needed for the Tygart Glenn Waste Water Treatment Plant. The small property is owned by the Philippi Municipal Building Commission, an agency which agreed to turn over the property to allow the waste water treatment project to continue.

The council also appointed Buddy Shreve to the Planning Commission and revisited a previous appointment to the Airport Authority.

Weaver said she made a mistake in the name of a person who was appointed to the Airport Authority at the Feb. 5 meeting, and she wanted to correct the minutes. Weaver said she meant for the council to appoint Lemuel Jones. She apologized for the error, and it was corrected. Jones will now serve on the Airport Authority.