Randolph BOE cuts positions

Members of the Randolph County Board of Education voted to go into an executive session shortly after being called to order Wednesday evening during a special session. Personnel whose positions were on the recommended list for termination had the opportunity to speak with board members. Those hearings were Monday and Tuesday.

Board members came back from executive session in just shy of one hour to vote on the recommended termination for 2013-14.

Items approved include the withdrawal of the transfer of Lisa Fox from Coalton Elementary School. The board also approved the withdrawal of the transfer of Patty Teter from Harman School and approved the withdrawal of the transfer of Amanda Dearborn from Harman School.

Board members voted to pull out for individual votes on four items – Daniel Shane Harper, Carol Teter, Sandra Ketterman and Marilyn Smith.

Harper is employed at the Randolph Technical Center, and his position was recommended for termination because of lack of need due to enrollment figures and program completers. The board voted to accept the recommendation for termination. Board member Ed Tyre voted to keep Harper.

“We have a great deal invested in Harper’s program,” Tyre said. “I think we should keep the program to give those currently taking classes the opportunity to be completers.”

Teter and Ketterman both are employed at Harman School. The board voted to accept the recommendation for transfer. Tyre voted not to transfer Teter and Ketterman.

The final item pulled out for individual vote was the termination of an extra-curricular position at Elkins Middle School. It is for Smith as green team leader. Board members voted to terminate Smith’s position, with members Tyre and David Kesling voting not to terminate the position.

The board voted to terminate the following professional personnel for 2013-14 – Jeanne “Dawn” Newlon, Danielle Sanson, Trenna Harlan, Ashley Kimble, Kristy Given, Lacey Hedrick, Seth Stalnaker, Christie Hutson, Leslie “Denise” Fletcher, Amiee Shreve, Heather Hill, Jill Fanning, Reka Rowan, Kristina Dale, Kayla White, Twila Wolford, Renea McDaniel, Kristen Pennington, Ellen Fortney and Rebekah Sharp.

Professional personnel the board voted to transfer for 2013-14 – Suzanne Cain, Lisa Fox, Patty Teter, Amanda Dearborn, Christine Long, Bonnie Stalnaker Simmons, Crystalin “Jill” Currence, April Kelly, Samantha Martin, Ryan Mayhew, Kerry Flaherty and Laurinda Cross.

Extra curricular duties voted to be terminated for 2013-14 -Brenda Travise, Kimberly Johnson, Rebecca Parsons, Vickie Butcher, Linda Burgess, Tonya Swecker, Sandra Henline, Sarah Hevener-Murray, Sharon Elza, Roberta Stell, Julie Likens, Deborah Anderson, Jennifer Louk, Kimberly Paugh, Lisa Johnson, Brenda Sharp, Stephanie Scott, Barbara Teter, Lola Collier, Tracy Currence, Susie Starr, Donna K. Simmons, Rodney Lambert, Sheryl Ware, Merry Lou Vance, Richard Rosencrance, Theresa Anderson, Charlene Bonnell, Vickie Cutright, Richard Walsh, Karen Spessert, Judy Bell, Michelle Booth, Charlotte Scott, Penny Smith, Susan Maxwell, Sara Wilson, Jaime Hoffman, Christy Chabut, Pamela Shaffer, Lisa McDonald, Barbara Shoulders, Rhonda Chewning and Rebecca Florence.

Service personnel approved for transfer for 2013-14 – Vicki Cutright, Marsha Boehmer, Richard Walsh, Karen Spessert, Tracy Currence, Gary Eskew, Vonda Gumm, Teresa Miller, Merry Lou Vance and Judy Bell.

Board members voted to terminate the following service personnel for 2013-14 – Teresa Blosser, Theresa Anderson, Melanie Paugh, Michelle Booth, Jennifer George, Katherine Flanagan, Barbara Shoulders, Shelly Canfield, Melissa Reger, Jessica White, Donna Fluharty and Mary Beth Beckwith.