Tech a topic at Eggs & Issues

Many people use a computer at their job, and many also have home computers, cell phones and tablets. Data stored on these items is usually assumed safe, but Mike Gallogly, owner of Mi-Tec, explained that data is stored on hard drives which he said will fail at some point.

“You may assume your information is safe, but it isn’t,” Gallogly said during Wednesday’s Eggs & Issues presentation offered by the Elkins-Randolph County Chamber of Commerce at the Iron Road Inn in Elkins.

“It is important that you perform on-site backup automated at least daily and off-site backup automated at least daily,” he said.

Gallogly listed the Top 10 cyber threats of 2012, including industrial attacks, spam and spearphishing, “hacktivisim,” cyber war showcasing, rouge certificates, botnets and rootkits, banking systems and money transfers, mobile devices and embedded hardware attacks.

“Keep your kids off your business computers,” Gallogly said. “Kids want to download free apps and some can be harmful.”

Gallogly said that online banking is safe.

“I have notifications sent directly to my cell phone each time my card is used,” Gallogly said. “It is to your advantage and you can keep on top of transactions in your account when they happen.”

Another critical item Gallogly cautions business owners on is hard drives in copiers.

“A copy of each article is on the hard drive in a copier,” he said. “Be sure to have the hard drives removed and destroyed before selling or trading in your computer or someone could access any of the documents you copied.”

Patching your system is recommended by Gallogly.

“Run your auto updates from Microsoft,” he said. “Keep a good antivirus program on your computers and keep it up to date.”

Gallogly said to use common sense to protect your mobile phone by not adding apps that are questionable.