Barbour County Board of Education accepts proposal to install HVAC system

By Beth Christian Broschart

Staff Writer

Barbour County Board of Education members voted to accept a proposal providing for a heating, ventilation and airconditioning system at the Barbour County Career Tech Center.

The board approved a contract naming Wendel Corporation as the intermediary agency for the project. Wendel representative Andy Kassena said the contract would enable his company to provide a financing package from the School Building Authority.

The matching funds, which must be provided by the Barbour BOE, will be financed at 4.75 percent through Country Road Financing. Dr. Joseph Super, superintendent of Barbour County Schools, made a request that Kassena check with local banks to see if a local financing package was available at a better rate. Kassena agreed to do so.

Board members reported a significant savings on financing through forward thinking. The board had energy efficiency experts go through all the county schools and report ways to maximize efficiency and save money. The SBA will use the amount of money the BOE saved through energy savings as part of their required match.

Kassena said the SBA submission needs to reach Charleston by Friday for approval.

Also at Monday’s meeting:

– Board members also heard from delegations representing entities throughout the county. Library representatives from the Belington Public Library and Philippi Public Library thanked board members for their previous support, and asked that they remember the less fortunate students who use their services.

Members of the Barbour County Extension Service, along with concerned 4-H members, expressed their concern to board members regarding continued support of the local 4-H program.

4-H volunteer Susie Higgins spoke about the extreme importance of 4-H.

“The program teaches many life skills,” Higgins said. “We checked back many years, and of the 1,000 Barbour County 4-Her’s we could name, we can only remember one who dropped out of school.”

Higgins read a 4-H song to the group to stress the highlights of 4-H, encouraging members to use their heads, hearts, hands and health to make the world a better place.

Philip Barbour High School band director Victor Iapalucci also spoke to board members, requesting that his funding remain in tact.

“When I came here 14 years ago, the band boosters paid for transportation, instruments, music and repairs,” Iapalucci said. “For the last five to six years, the board has paid for these expenses. If we can get any help at all, it would be appreciated.”

Board president Robert Wilkins thanked the delegations.

“We encourage you to participate and let us know what you are thinking,” Wilkins said. That is how we know what you are thinking and (it) allows you to be part of the democratic process.”

– Members of the board also worked on the proposed budget for the 2013-2014 school year. They will continue working toward a balanced budget during the next meeting, scheduled for 6 p.m. March 25 at the board office.